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Do You Own a Business Or a Job?

When I finally read the book E-Myth by Michael Gerber it reinforced for me the importance of building systems and processes for your business so that you own a business and not a job. Michael gives some specific advice for ensuring that your business operates smoothly without killing you, the business owner.

How often do we hear the story of the rugged individualist business owner who defies all odds and works 20 hour days just to realize his/her dream of small business success. We have heard these stories a lot and the one thing we don’t hear about is how these same business owners are still putting in 20 hour days five years later. In the end their businesses shut down because the owners can’t sustain that level of work indefinitely and they burn out.

What can we do to make sure that this doesn’t happen to our business? The first thing that the E-Myth suggests is to look at the franchise model for doing business. The “poster child” for franchises that was named in the book was McDonald’s. The funny thing about McDonald’s is that for all the criticism about the fast food industry, you don’t hear enough about what McDonald’s does right when it comes to delivering a consistent customer experience that is second to none in their particular industry. At McDonald’s nothing is left to chance, everything is done the McDonald’s way.

For your business, it’s about creating the systems and processes that allow you to own a business rather than behaving like the business owner who works 20 hours a day and in reality just owns a job. The first thing that will be helpful in creating your systems is to do some research on the franchise concept and the different models that exist for franchising. All Business has a franchise blog that you can look at to get started. This doesn’t mean that you have to franchise your business but this kind of information is helpful to show how the best franchises create uniformity in operations all over the country and in some cases the world. Anyone who has worked for a small firm can attest to the fact that getting people to act uniform in one office of 10-15 people is hard enough, let alone getting several offices in different parts of a country to do it.

The second thing that you can do right now to get your systems and processes in place for your small business is to go back and look at the vision that you have for your small business. How big do you want to be? What markets do you want to serve? How many employees etc? What roles do these employees fill? Take a look at your vision and then look at how you can build your business today so that it looks like your vision for your company 20 years from now.

Building your vision today is important. One of the common mistakes that small business owners make when they do create systems and processes is that they create the systems and processes around their business as it exists today rather than how they want it to look in the future. The problem with this is that as soon as they start growing, they need new systems and processes. When that happens, typically the systems and processes don’t get created because the small business is growing and the business owner can’t find the time to get it done. The fact that the business owner had systems and processes done once was pretty amazing. Asking them to do it again is darn near impossible. Ultimately, growth for the business without the systems to sustain the growth, causes the business to fail.

If you haven’t read the book E-Myth, make sure you take some time to read it. It will give you some good insight on why systems and processes are important and how to go about putting them together. For now, think about your business and think about how you can automate more of the work that you do and look at where systems and processes would be an improvement to your life as well as your client experience. What has been your experience with systems and processes for your business? Any suggestions for readers on good sources of franchise advice?

How to Market a Successful Business

My name is Joe Malone. I have been in network marketing for about 6 years. Up until recently, that was with very limited success. I have spent a lot of time recently, not only looking at the way successful individuals are marketing their businesses, but also reflecting on my past experiences. I am going to talk about what I have learned, and hopefully what I share will help you.

My introduction to network marketing.

I was a 21 year old who planned on being retired by 30. How? I wasn’t really sure. I was in college, along with working 3 or 4 jobs. I knew that those jobs were not going to give me the lifestyle I wanted. Imagine how excited I was when a friend introduced me to my first MLM company. I will not use names, but I will say that it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest MLM company out there. While the people that I met were awesome, the business model that they taught did not seem to work for me. Build a list, contact those people. When that list runs out, start contacting new people. This meant trying to talk to people in stores, at the gas pump, anywhere I could find them. Have you ever tried that? It’s not fun! Some people are naturals when it comes to this, and they have a lot of success. I was not one of those people! I registered 1 friend, who registered 2 or 3 people. My biggest month I made about $150. This was with everyone in my group buying A LOT of products. Needless to say, that didn’t happen every month. In fact, in a matter of a few months, nobody was really buying anything. Also, nobody new was getting into my business. I had no list, and was having no luck making new contacts. I became discouraged, and eventually faded away from the business. Some good did come of this. I walked away with some valuable knowledge.

Lesson 1 – It is difficult to get a person to give you their phone number for a business opportunity at a gas pump.
Lesson 2 – Offer your business to your family and friends, but if they say no, DO NOT BOTHER THEM WITH IT AGAIN.
Lesson 3 – Focus on people who WANT to be in your business.
Lesson 4 – Do not get stuck trying to convince someone to join your business that doesn’t want to join.

Ok, what now? Well, I get a call from my brother 1 day. Now, this is the brother who would not even listen to me when I tried to talk to him about my first company. He tells me that he found this great business, and that I need to get involved. Now, I have always wanted to start a business with my brother. Whether this business made sense or not, I was at least going to listen. IT DID. The business was brilliant. Marketing energy. There was no overhead, no billing, no employees. You signed people up for what I would say is a no-brainer product, they save on their energy bill every month, and I would make a small commission every month. I not only thought, who wouldn’t want to be a customer, but I also figured that anyone with half a brain would join the business. Unfortunately I was shown the true skepticism that people have. I literally showed people the written guarantees, the websites, even the business on the BBB site. People are scared.

They are always thinking that people are out to scam them. This is especially true when it comes to new businesses. I did manage to sign up about 25 customers, all of which are very happy with their service. Then I ran into a problem! I ran out of people to talk to. I had 25 customers, but nobody joined my business as a consultant. While the products was a great one, I was still unable to get the business in front of people who wanted to start their own business. Now what?

Here is where I starting doing the right thing. A friend of mine was having a lot of success with online marketing. What did I do? I asked him how he was doing it. We talked about a lot of things. Most importantly, we talked about leads. If you are trying to build a business, especially MLM, you know how important it is to constantly have a list of leads. Leads are what drive your business. They are what keep it growing, and ensure your success. This is especially true if you can take the ones who join you in business, and educate them on how to succeed.

How do you get leads? Marketing! That word scares a lot of people. They hear marketing, and right away they think that they will need to be spending a lot of money on ads, flyers, and other costly items. This is not always the case. Thankfully, I partnered up with a group of business mentors that taught me the right ways to advertise. I learned about social media marketing, article marketing, Twitter, YouTube, and yes, PayPerClick, which does have a cost with it. The big thing is that I learned you do not need to have a big advertising budget to get the word out about your business. You just need to know the right way to use the right resources, and people who want to start a business or use your products will find you. This is where I have been focusing my time. So what is happening? I am starting to get contacts! PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO ASK ME ABOUT MY BUSINESS! This is something that I never thought would happen. This is something that anybody can do with their business.

The title of this article is,”How to Market a Successful Business”. These next steps are what I have learned need to be done, and your business will reach a whole new level of success.

1 – Offer a quality product or service

2 – Offer multiple products. Not everyone is willing to spend big bucks on the high end items and services. Offer an item or service for everyone.

3 – Set a spending budget. If you are going to invest some money into marketing, set a limit. If that money runs out before you make a sale, focus on free marketing techniques.

4 – Set a time budget. Most people building a business are still working a job, plus doing a thousand other things with their time. Decide how much time each day that you are willing to commit to building your business.

5 – Consistency Counts! If you decide that you are going to spend 30 minutes a day on your business, DO IT! Do not take a few days off and say you will make it up on the weekend. Get into the habit, make it a part of your day.

6 – The little things add up – This works well with consistency. Even if you can not do a lot for your business, do something. Write a tweet about it, or post something on Facebook. You never know where your next lead is going to come from.

7 – Make as much of your business automatic as possible! This is especially true as your business grows. You will be amazed how much stress you will encounter if you need to talk with every potential business partner and customer. Spend you time talking to the ones who are serious, not just dabbling around. If your business is set up the right way, the serious ones are the only ones you will end up working with.

Home Business Opportunity Network

Starting a home based business (HBB) can be rewarding experience for many but it does have a share of frustrations and disappointments. With advantages like flexible work hours, satisfaction of being your own boss, no commuting, tax benefits, it also has disadvantages like increased risk, loneliness, and added responsibilities. You want to make money online with a home business opportunity or program? I will explain and show you online work from home business opportunities made easy so you never get scammed again! I understand how tough it can be to build a successful Work at Home and I know how to assist you in turning the tide today. I have experience and documented results.

The best opportunity to build your home based business while learning internet marketing and earning multiple residual income streams where you learn ways to build your business. Before I started my home based venture, I decided that I was going to investigate several different online programs and companies to root out the legitimate ones from the fraudulent ones. My findings shocked me, but I did find a solution. Once you choose your business, you need to stick with that model and basically do nothing else until you’re starting to see success with the one you’re in. Part of the reason so many network marketers have issues making real money is because they hop from one opportunity to the next.

This form of network marketing business allows anyone, with the desire, the opportunity to start a true home based business. In the past having a home business meant that one still needed to conduct their business outside of the home in order to reach their customer base, but now with the combination of the Internet and the new age technologies, a home business can be solely conducted from home and with today’s technologies these home businesses are also very portable. Come and visit us, you will see why such people act as such over that business opportunity online. It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a home based business or trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting other people to join a home based business. Do not be misled by false claims that high earnings are easily achieved from a work at home business!

Since this is a business opportunity for all business minded people, they will feel that they have freedom that they would not have at other occupations. They are not limited to selling the products or services Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. Network marketing and home based business opportunities are plentiful on the Internet.

That’s a network marketing home based business except for one important difference you get paid for sharing your enthusiasm! I felt a great pain deep in my gut of missing out on my children lives and the incredible freedom that succeeding in a business would provide for me. I found my why. Believe it or not, many people today are building an internet home based business to help grow their traditional MLM. If you are struggling with your MLM, you can do it too.

If you want to engage in business opportunity network marketing, you should work hard to promote you product and build your team. Note that when you join a network marketing company or group, you are expected to generate sales as well as to build a team by recruiting and training new members. Our strategies are guaranteed to super glue your home based business, working from home, and finding additional income opportunities to first page of any search engines.

If the customer doesn’t know your home based business opportunity exists, how can he visit your website? In the “real” world, radio, television, newspaper, and postal mailings all help businesses get attention. All leads are 100% opt-in and are looking to start a home based business. Leads contain name, email and phone. However, be wary when it comes to home internet based business opportunity especially since it is not always a good option to many people. While it can be lucrative choice for the people!

If you’ve already started your work at home job or business, you are one of more than 52 million home based workers!